Dashboard description

Dashboard description

Dashboards control features such as uploading videos, saving and sharing videos, and managing accounts.




menu explanation
My Videos You can manage uploaded videos in a list. In addition to adding and sharing settings for each video information, you can also add and remove videos to beCHANNEL.
"Processing" displays the video that is being processed after uploading, and in "Trash", the video put in the trash can is displayed. Trash videos are automatically deleted completely after 10 days. Also, if you want to delete videos in the trash immediately, you can delete them with "Delete Completely". Videos in the Trash are also eligible for storage.
beCHANNEL You can set the cover image to be displayed on the channel, set the introduction, share the link of the be channel itself, set the passcode, password, set the email collection, set the publishing period, etc.
★ be channel ★
album You can manage the albums you create. You can create new albums and edit each album.
★ Album★

You can customize your video player with Color Change and Logo Settings.
★ Video Player ★


  • Color change: You can change the color, icon color, and background color of the player's control bar.
  • Logo settings: You can set the logo to be fixed in the player, whether the logo is displayed after playback, and customize the playback button and loading icon.
Analytics You can analyze and check the trends of your audience. You can set a period and see all kinds of data such as playtime, number of likes, number of accesses by country, etc. Depending on your contract plan, you can see different data.
★ Analysis ★
account You can change your account information, manage your plans, change your payment method, and see your payment history.
★ manage your account★


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