How do I set up two-step verification?

Setting up two-step verification requires two levels of authentication when you log in.
You can increase security by linking your phone number to SMS.

STEP 1   In the "Dashboard" open the "Account" page.

The "Personal information" tab appears.

PC, Tablet / Smartphone



STEP 2   Set it to "To enable" in "Two-step verification".

The phone number input screen is displayed.


STEP 3   Enter your phone number in entering Phone Number and click "Continue".

When the phone number input screen is displayed, please enter your phone number and click "Continue".
Your smartphone will receive the 6-digit passcode in an SMS message.

PC, Tablet / Smartphone


STEP 4   Enter the passcode that was notified to enter a 6-digit code and click "Continue".

Enter the 6-digit passcode you received on your smartphone and press "Continue".
Under "Edit", you can change your phone number.
With "Resend", you can send a 6-digit passcode to your SMS again.

PC, Tablet / Smartphone


STEP 5  Click "Copy Code".

"Code" is published and displayed.
This is an emergency code (recovery code) that is required when SMS can not be received for some reason, such as when a smartphone is lost.
If for some reason you can not receive SMS, on the normal 6-digit passcode entry screen, select "Try another method" and select "Recovery code". You can use this recovery code to authenticate.
For more information, see: ○ Two-step verification code

PC, Tablet / Smartphone


STEP 6   Check "I kept this number in a safe place" and click "Continue".

Log in to beSTREAM.
Each time you log in to beSTREAM, you will be asked to enter a passcode.
Make sure you can check your phone's SMS.


  • The authorization code is due in 5 minutes. Log in within 5 minutes when you receive an SMS message. If more than 5 minutes have passed, click "Resend" on the login screen.
  • To remove two-step verification, click "Unsubscribe" from two-step verification. Click "Off" to temporarily turn it off, but not completely. If you want to set up two-step verification again, click "Enable".
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