About customizing video players

About customizing video players

The holder (video sharer) can customize the color and logo settings of the video player, depending on the plan of the contract.
BeSTREAM's video players have a lot of customization freedom, allowing you to create your video player to match your corporate and brand colors.
Customized settings can be registered as "Player Presets" and applied for each video uploaded by the holder (video sharer).


"Color change"

You can customize the colors used in the video player's control bar, menus, and tools.
For color changes, ★ To change the color of a video player ★ .
(【Team】【Studio】Those who have contracted a plan)


"Logo Settings"

You can set the logo to be fixed in the video player and whether or not the logo is displayed after playback. You can also customize playback buttons and loading icons.
For logo settings, ★ To have a video player  display your logo ★.
(For those who have contracted the [Studio] plan)


"Preset Settings"

You can save customized settings in Color Change and Logo Settings as player presets. For information on how to set and ★ apply setting presets★.
The number of presets will be Team 3 and Studio 5.
(【Team】【Studio】 For those who have contracted a plan)


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