Delete an account

Delete an account

For those who have a paid plan (personal, team, studio), when you delete an account, all content and settings are deleted and cannot be restored. If you downgrade to the basic free plan, you can continue to use the basic functions as it is. For more information see: ★ How do I change my plan?

If you want to delete your account completely without downgrading, be sure to check the following:


  • Please note that if you delete your account completely, the uploaded content and account information will be completely deleted.
  • You can't reinstate a deleted account.
  • Please note that if you delete (cancel) your paid plan account, the usage fee will not be refunded.

Here are the steps for deleting an account:


STEP 1 Open > Accounts page in the Dashboard page.

STEP 2 On the Account Information tab, click "Delete Account Completely" at the bottom left of the page.


A confirmation message appears.


STEP 3 Check "Confirmed" and click "Delete".


You will then be logged out of beSTREAM.


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