What should I know before downgrading my plan?

What should I know before downgrading my plan?


There are storage capacity limits.

Different plans have different storage capacities.
Check your storage usage and if you exceed the storage capacity of the changed plan then the holder will have to delete the video. You can do this by dragging the video to the trash can and clicking "delete it completely".
If you're still out of space, your videos will automatically delete from your older videos section.

There are limited features.

Different plans have different features available.
When you downgrade plans some features are no longer available so understand the changes in advance.
Please note that videos already shared will be stopped due to the downgraded plan. Here is a list of potential changes when you downgrade your plan:

  • Number of albums created
  • Passcode settings
  • Password settings
  • Publishing period settings
  • Set the number of views
  • Email Collection
  • Color settings
  • Logo settings
  • Advanced logo settings
  • Number of preset settings
  • be channel video display (including number of albums)
  • Toss money link
  • Dedicated URL
  • Embed code advanced settings
  • Amount of analytics information


  • For more information see: ★ plan page ★ 
  • If you want to change your plan see: ★ How do I change my plan? ★ 
  • If you want to downgrade to the Basic plan then log into your account and click "Start" on the plan page and click "Downgrade". For more information see: ★ What is the free plan?



  • If you downgrade and exceed your storage capacity then your videos will be deleted starting with the oldest video.
  • You can use the functions and capacity of the previous plan until the end of the plan period before downgrading.
  • When you downgrade your plan you will be charged a fee for the downgraded plan during the next renewal date.
  • For more see: ★ Terms and Conditions


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