How do I upgrade my plan?

How do I upgrade my plan?

If you're upgrading your plan, you can do the following:

STEP 1     After logging in to beSTREAM, open the "Upgrade" menu.

The plan page appears.


STEP 2     Click Get Started with the plan you want to change.

You're on the "Change your plan" page.


STEP 3     Click Make an upgrade.

The plan is updated.



  • If you want to change your plan see: ★ How do I change my plan?
  • You can select and change your preferred plan on the plan page.
  • You can also change you plan here: Dashboard > Accounts > Plans
  • For paid plans (personal, team, studio) we offer a 7-day free trial that is limited to one use per user.



  • You can use the upgraded plan features immediately after registering.
  • Once registered you will be charged for the upgraded plan on a daily calculation.
  • For more see: ★  Terms and Conditions


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