Set a publishing period

You can set a duration for your video to limit how long it's watched. This feature is only available for Studio accounts.


STEP 1 Click the settings > the upper right of the video thumbnail you want to set in "Dashboard" and "My Videos".

Click the settings button in the upper right corner of the video thumbnail to open the settings screen for each video.


STEP 2 Set "Publish period setting" to "ON" and set "Release date" and "End date".


Click the calendar icon to select the Date of Publication and End Date.____ONEN.png

* The standard time of beSTREAM is set to UTC (Agreement World Time).


STEP 3 Click "Save".

Be sure to click "Save" after confirming the publishing period. If not, the publishing period setting is not enabled.



  • The standard time for beSTREAM is set to UTC (Agreed World Time).
  • If you want to stop sharing your videos, see: ★ Stop videos sharing
  • If your video duration isn't published, you're able to watch the video indefinitely.
  • You can change the duration period while it is published.
  • For more information about privacy options, see: ★ Privacy options
  • The beSTREAM Office does not provide information about the passcode, password, or the Holder (video sharer).


When the duration period ends

If you try to watch a video that's duration time is over, you'll see a message that says something similar to, "This video can no longer play after it's duration time".




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