About uploading videos


  • Prepare any video file for MP4, MOV, WebM, AVI, or WMV. As of April 2021, formats other than these video files are not supported.
  • Uploading or sharing copyrighted videos with others violates beSTREAM guidelines. beSTREAM respects the intellectual property rights of others and requires the holder (video sharer) to take similar actions. For more information, see:  The terms of service and Copyright Policy
  • For more information about which video files can be uploaded, see: 〇 Uploadable file formats

STEP 1  Log in to beSTREAM and click the "Upload video" button at the top right of the "Dashboard".

PC, Tablet / Smartphone


STEP 2 Drag and drop the video file on the blue panel page or click the blue panel to select it.

If you are using a smartphone then select it on the file selection screen.
You can also log in to beSTREAM from your smartphone, tap "Upload video" and shoot directly from "Take Video". You can share videos without consuming space on your device.
The video is uploaded and encoded in "Processing" and the video is added to the "My videos" folder after it is finished.
Depending on the size of the file, it may take some time to display.

PC, Tablet / Smartphone


STEP 3  Set the information and "Save".

You can then set the video "Thumbnail", "Title", "Description", "Date" and "Save" it.

PC, Tablet / Smartphone




  • Please wait until the first file upload is complete before moving on to the next.
  • The amount of video files that can be uploaded at one time depends on the plan.
    1.【Basic】        20GB
    2.【Personal】  50GB
    3.【Team】       100GB
    4.【Studio】     1TB
  • The number of video files that can be uploaded at the same time depends on the plan.
    1.【Basic】        2
    2.【Personal】  5
    3.【Team】       10
    4.【Studio】     20
  • Unlike other video sites, beSTREAM does not have a video list publishing page.
    Even if the sharing settings are turned on, your video will not be automatically released to the world.
    There are three ways to share your videos.
    If you want to turn off the sharing of your video once it is published, please use the publish settings.

PC, Tablet / Smartphone





Review uploaded videos

Uploaded videos appear on the "My videos" page in the "Dashboard".

PC, Tablet / Smartphone




You can now see a list of videos that have been uploaded and subsequently processed. You can view and share these videos.

Converting process

After uploading, it is in the post-processing and converting state.

Trash cans

You will see videos that have been deleted and moved to the trash from your dashboard.
If you select a video in "My videos" and click the "Deleted videos", the video will be moved to the trash.
Anything in the trash will automatically be deleted in 10 days.
If you want to delete it immediately, select the video in the "Deleted videos" tab and click "Delete forever" to remove it completely.

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