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Various functions of the top page

The functions that can be used depend on the plan you have contracted to.
You can use the dashboard once you have created a beSTREAM account and logged in.
In the dashboard, features that are not supported by your plan will be grayed out and can not be selected. For more details on the plan, see Plan page.

"Dashboard" > "My videos" 



Menu Explanation
The "Upload video" button     __________2021-04-07_10.57.22.png Click to upload a video. If you are using the computer version, you will see a blue panel page where you can drag and drop videos to upload videos.
For more information, see: ◯ Upload a video.
Storage usage______EN.png Data storage usage is displayed in GB. The amount of storage available varies from plan to plan.



You can sort videos by:
  • Title order
  • Old and new (new <-> old)
  • Order of frequently watched

Search box


You can search for uploaded videos by video name.

List of videos


Thumbnails of videos in the "Videos", "Processing", or "Deleted videos" states are displayed in a list.
You can play it by clicking the play icon on the thumbnail.
You can also set and share from each button on the thumbnail.

Select button


Click the circle on the left side.
Select to delete the video itself.
When you select a video, a deletion mark will appear at the top.

Play icon


You can play a video when the video player is displayed.
For more information, see: ◯ Watch videos

Settings button


A screen for advanced settings for each video will be displayed.
Private link icon__________2021-06-29_10.48.54_____2.png You can copy the link by clicking or tapping on the URL for video sharing.
For more information, see: ◯ What is a private link?
Embed code icon__________2021-06-29_10.48.54_____3.png

You can get an iframe code to embed the video on a website, for example. For more information, see: ◯ What is an embed code?

beCHANNEL icon__________2021-06-29_10.48.54_____4.png You can copy the URL to share beCHANNEL. For videos and albums on beCHANNEL, the button turns blue. For more information, see:
What is a beCHANNEL?
Download button__________2021-06-29_10.48.54_____5.png Holders (video sharers) can download video files that they have uploaded. (Computer version only). For more information, see: 
How do I download an uploaded video?



If a passcode (4-digit number) is set, a mark and passcode are displayed. For more information, see: ◯ Set a passcode



If a password (Up to 8 single-byte alphanumeric characters) is set, a mark and password are displayed. For more information, see:◯ Set a password

Email Collection


If an email list collection is set up, a mail mark will be displayed. For more information, see:
Set up an Email list collection

Main menu


Features Explanation
My Videos You can manage uploaded videos in a list. In addition to adding and sharing settings for each video, you can also add and remove videos from beCHANNEL. 
beCHANNEL You can set the cover image to be displayed on the channel, set the introduction, share the link of the beCHANNEL itself, set the passcode, password, set the email list collection, set the publishing period, and more. 
Album You can manage the albums you create. You can also make new albums and edit them. 
Player You can customize your video player with Color Customization and Logo Customization. 
  • Color customization: You can change the color, icon color, and background color of the control bar of the video player.
  • Logo customization: You can set the logo to be fixed in the video player, whether the logo is displayed after playback, and customize the playback button and loading icon.
Analytics You can analyze and check the trends of your audience, set a period, and see all kinds of data such as playtime, number of likes, number of accesses by country, etc. Depending on your contract plan, you can see different data. 
Account You can change your personal information, manage your plans, change your payment method, and see your payment history. 
Change Plans Change your contract plan. 
Help Center  
Search Enter the keyword you want to search and then click the "Search" button. 
Category Select the category you want to look at.



The menu at the top of the screen



Menu Explanation
Announcement icon(①) You can check the notifications from beSTREAM.
If there is a new announcement, a red light will be placed in the upper right hand corner.
User icon (②)

Click to see the following menu:
The icon uses the profile image registered with your personal information.


Dashboard The top page of the dashboard displays a list of my videos.
beCHANNEL The top page of beCHANNEL is displayed.
Log out Log out of beSTREAM.

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