"This account is currently in an inedable state" was displayed.

"This account is currently in an inedable state" was displayed.


If the payment of the paid plan usage fee is not accepted due to the circumstances of the holder (video sharing person) or credit card company, "This account is currently in a state of in operation" at the time of login and you will not be able to log in.

This message appears three days after the first failed draw, and if the second one fails.

It also stops all video sharing.

Please check with your credit card company.

If you want to change your registered credit card ★, see To change your credit card ★ your credit card.



  • If your account is suspended, you'll still be charged.
  • If the fourth failed to draw, you will be forced to downgrade to a free plan.

For information about when and what to do ★ a draw, see "★ Cards."
"★ about the free ★"
"★ What is the difference between a paid plan and a paid ★"
"★ to change your paid ★"
"★ things to keep in mind when downgrading your ★"
"★ Terms of ★"


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