Upload a video

Upload a video


  • Prepare any video file for mp4, mov, WebM, or AVI.
    Currently, formats other than video files are not supported.
  • After logging in to beSTREAM, click the "Upload" button to upload the video.
    For more information on how to upload and notes ★ upload, see ★ upload a video.
  • You can upload up to 50GB of files at a time.




  • Uploading or sharing copyrighted videos to others violates beSTREAM guidelines. beSTREAM respects the intellectual property rights of others.
    Require holders (video sharers) to take similar action.
    For more information★ see ★ Copyright Policy ★ in ★ Terms of Use.
  • For upload guidelines
    Please refer to ★ Guidelines for uploading ★
  • How do I report a problem video if I find it? 
    ★ inappropriate videos★
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