What files do I need to upload a video?

What files do I need to upload a video?

To use beSTREAM, prepare the following environments and files.


Supported operating systems and browsers

Use a computer or smartphone that has a compatible web browser with beSTREAM.

For more information see: ★ Supported operating systems and browsers



The customer will have to pay for the cost of uploading.
Currently, we do not have an app for smartphones. Please use the service with a web browser.


Video files

  • Prepare any video file for MP4, MOV, WebM or AVI.
    Currently, formats other than video files are not supported.
    For more information about compatible file formats see: ★ What file formats can I upload?
  • You can upload up to 50GB of files at a time.
  • Check the size of the video file. Depending on your plan, the amount of storage available will vary. Membership plans are as follows:
    • Basic: 50GB
    • Personal: 1TB
    • Team: 3TB
    • Studio: 6TB


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