Delete a video

Delete a video


Follow these instructions below to delete videos registered with beSTREAM.


STEP 1 Open > My Videos page on the Dashboard page.

You're now seeing a list of uploaded videos.

For more information see: ★ My dashboard


STEP 2 Select the video you want to delete and click Delete.

Click the circle to the left of the video thumbnail in the dashboard and select the video.

After selection, a "Delete" mark will appear, and clicking on it will move the video to the Trash.



  • Anything in the trash will automatically be deleted and removed after 10 days. If you want to delete it immediately, select the video in the Trash and click "Delete It" to remove it completely.
  • Videos and albums that you move to the Trash will also be removed from the beCHANNEL.
  • If a video in an album is moved to the Trash, it will be removed from the album.
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