Supported browsers

Supported operating systems and browsers

Use compatible browsers on your computer or smartphone to access beSTREAM.
For more information, see: 〇 How do I access beSTREAM


The customer will pay any communication cost of uploading.
Currently, we do not offer apps for smartphones. Please use the service with a web browser.

Video files

  • Prepare any video file for MP4, MOV, WebM or AVI.
  • Currently, formats other than video files are not supported.
  • Supported file formats will be expanded sequentially.
  • For more information about file formats, see: 〇 Uploadable file formats
  • The file size that can be uploaded at one time depends on the plan.
    1.【Basic】        20GB
    2.【Personal】  50GB
    3.【Team】       100GB
    4.【Studio】     1TB
  •  The number of video files that can be uploaded at the same time depends on the plan.
    1.【Basic】        2
    2.【Personal】  5
    3.【Team】       10
    4.【Studio】    20
  • The amount of storage capacity you can use depends on the plan you have contracted.
    Check the capacity of the video file.
    Membership plans are subject to change.
    1.【Basic】        50GB
    2.【Personal】  1TB
    3.【Team】        3TB
    4.【Studio】      6TB


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