Delete a subscribed video

Delete a subscribed video

Follow these steps to remove videos that you've subscribed to on beCHANNEL:


STEP 1 Open > My Videos page on the Dashboard page.

You're now seeing a list of uploaded videos.

Videos you're adding to your beCHANNEL will have a blue beCHANNEL icon on the thumbnail.

For more see: ★ My dashboard



STEP 2 Select the video you want to delete and click "Remove from -beCHANNEL".

The video is removed from the beCHANNEL.

When you delete a video from beCHANNEL, the icon on the thumbnail returns to white.



  • If you want to subscribe to a video and album on the beCHANNEL, see: ★ Subscribe to beCHANNEL
  • Removing videos and albums from the beCHANNEL does not remove the videos and albums themselves from the dashboard.
  • If you want to delete the video itself, see: ★Delete a video
  • Click the beCHANNEL mark → the icon in the upper right corner after logging in to see your beCHANNEL.


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