Share your beCHANNEL

If you want to share your beCHANNEL with someone you know, you can easily share it by URL.
Please note that "embed code" is not available for beCHANNEL.

STEP 1  Click "Dashboard" and open "beCHANNEL" page.

For more information, see: 〇 My dashboard.

STEP 2  Click "Copy beCHANNEL link" in "Link sharing" tab.


STEP 3  Send the URL to the social media, WhatsApp, email, etc. of someone you want to share it with, and share the beCHANNEL page with them.


  • As with stand-alone videos, you can set privacy options such as a passcode for the beCHANNEL.
  • For more information about privacy options, see: 〇 About the privacy options for beCHANNEL.
  • The beSTREAM Office does not provide information about passcode, password, holder (video sharer), etc. that are set for videos.

Copy a beCHANNEL link

The beCHANNEL link can be copied in one of the following ways:

  • Click "Copy beCHANNEL Link" on the thumbnail on the "My Videos" top of the page.copy.JPG
  • Click "beCHANNEL Link Copy" on the right side of the video player.


  • Click "Copy beCHANNEL link" on the thumbnail of the "Album" top of the page.


  • Click "Copy beCHANNEL link" on the right side of the video player.


  • Click "Copy beCHANNEL link" on the thumbnail of the "Album Edit" page.be_____EN.png
  • Click "Copy beCHANNEL link" on the edit page of "beCHANNEL".



Uploading or sharing copyrighted videos with others violates beSTREAM guidelines. beSTREAM respects the intellectual property rights of others and requires video creators to take similar actions.
For more information, see: The terms of service and Copyright Policy.
For upload guidelines, see: 〇 Video upload guidelines.
If you need to report an inappropriate video, see: 〇 Report inappropriate and copyright infringing videos.

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