Create an album

Create an album

An album is a feature that allows you to share multiple videos in one area.

You can arrange the videos in any order you like.

This is useful for organizing and displaying multiple videos for each event.



Here is an outline of how many albums you can create based on your account plan:

  • 【Basic】:1
  • 【Personal】: 3
  • 【Team】:10
  • 【Studio】:20

There is no limit to the number of videos you can register for a single album.


STEP 1 Open > Albums page on the Dashboard page.

For more see: ★ My dashboard


STEP 2 Click "Create Album".

The "Album Edit" screen will be displayed.


STEP 3 Click "Add Video" to select and add the video you want to add to the album.

If you want to change the order in which videos are played, select the number on the left edge of each video block to create a movie icon. By moving it up and down, you can change the order it's played.

For more see: ★ Edit an album


STEP 4 Enter the album name in the Title.


STEP 5 Set thumbnails if necessary.

Otherwise, the thumbnail of the first video will appear.


STEP 6 Set sharing and privacy options as needed.

For more information, see: ★ Share albums ★ and ★ Privacy options


STEP 7 Click "Save".

Be sure to click "Save" after setting it.



  • If you try to watch an album that does not have any videos, you will see "404 NOT FOUND".
  • Just like a single video, you can also set these privacy options: private links, embed codes, sharing beCHANNEL's, and passcodes.

For more on privacy options, see: ★Privacy options

You cannot put an album inside another album.



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