Edit an album

Edit an album

You can add, change, and sort videos in an album.

For more information on how to create albums, see: ★ Create an album

If you want to delete the album itself, see: ★ Delete an album



You can also change the album title, thumbnails, and the order in which they play.
There is no limit to the number of videos you can add to an album.


STEP 1 Open > Albums page on the Dashboard page.

For more see: ★ My dashboard


STEP 2 Click the "Settings" button on the album you want to edit.

Click the "Settings" button at the top right of the thumbnail.

The "Album Edit" screen will be displayed.


STEP 3 Change the contents of the album, sort it, and delete individual videos.

If you want to change the order the videos are played, select the number on the left edge of each video block to create a movie icon. By moving it up and down, you can change the order.

For more see: ★ Create an album

If you want to delete individual videos in the album, you can delete them with the video thumbnail "×" mark in the right column.


STEP 4 Click "Save".

Be sure to click "Save" after setting it.



  • Just like a single video, you can also set privacy options such as private links, embed codes, sharing beCHANNEL's, and passcodes.
  • For more information about privacy options, see: ★ Privacy options
  • For more information on sharing albums, see: ★ Share albums
  • If you want to add an album to a beCHANNEL, see: ★ Add or remove albums


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