Delete an album

Delete an album

If you want to delete individual videos in an album, see:  ★ Edit an album



  • Deleting an album does not delete the videos that are registered in the album.
  • If you try to watch an album that does not have any videos registered, you will see "404 NOT FOUND".
  • If you add or delete the video again, the URL of the album will not change.

Follow these steps to delete an album:

STEP 1 Open > Albums page on the Dashboard page.

For more see: ★ My dashboard


STEP 2 Select the album you want to delete and click "Delete Completely".

If you check the leftmost circle of the video thumbnail, "Delete Completely" will appear, and when you click on it, the selected album will be deleted completely.


STEP 3 Click "Delete".

You will receive a delete confirmation pop up, so if you would like to delete the album, click "Delete".

Click "Cancel" to return to the previous screen.



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