Delete an album

STEP 1  Click "Dashboard" to open the "Album".

For more information, see: ◯ My dashboard 


STEP 2  Select the album you want to delete and click "Delete forever".

Click the round checkbox next to the left side of the video thumbnail to display "Delete forever", and click it to completely delete the selected album.


PC, Tablet / Smartphone



STEP 3 Click "Delete".

When the confirmation screen for deletion pops up, click "Delete" if you are satisfied.
Click "Cancel" to return to the previous screen.


  • Deleting an album will not delete the videos added in the album itself.
    If you want to delete individual videos in an album, see: 〇 Edit an album
    Click "Cancel" to return to the previous screen.
  • If you have deleted all the videos in an album, or if you try to view an album where no videos are added, "404 NOT FOUND" will be displayed. The URL of the album will not change even if you add or delete videos again.
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