Video playback screen

Video playback screen

________.pngPlay/Pause buttons

Click to start playing the video. There will be a pause button while the video is playing.


Set back 10 seconds

Rewind for 10 seconds to play.


Volume settings

The volume setting bar is displayed so that you can increase and lower the volume.


Play bar

You can move to your desired point by sliding the playback bar.


Image quality and speed settings

You can change the image quality and playback speed.

For more information on how to change the image quality and speed, see ★ How do I change the video playback speed? ★ and ★ Can I change the image quality?





The settings area is hidden and the video is displayed on full screen.

For more information, see: ★ Can I watch beSTREAM videos on a full screen?


Set up video details

You can click on the My Videos page to set up video details.

For more information, see: ★ My dashboard

For more on uploading videos, see: ★ How do I upload a video?


Private link sharing

You can copy the URL for video sharing.

For more, see: ★ What is a private link?


Embed code icon

You can get an iframe code to embed the video on a website, etc.

For more, see: ★ What is an embed code?


beCHANNEL icon

You can copy the URL to share the "beCHANNEL".

For more on how to share videos on beCHANNEL, see: ★ What is a beCHANNEL?


Like button

Click to rate your video.

For more information, see: ★ See viewing statuses for videos


Flag mark

If you find an inappropriate video, click to report it on the Video Report form.

For more on how to report an inappropriate video, see: ★ Report inappropriate videos




If your video stops sharing, see: ★ Why can't I share this video?
You can customize the design of the video player. For more, see: ★ How do you customize your video player?



Uploading or sharing copyrighted videos to others violates beSTREAM guidelines. beSTREAM respects the intellectual property rights of others and requires video creators to take similar actions. For more information, see: ★ Copyright Policy ★ and ★ Terms of Use

For upload guidelines, see: ★ Video upload guidelines
To report an inappropriate video, see ★ Report inappropriate videos

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