Add or remove albums

Add or remove albums

You can add, share, or delete albums to your beCHANNEL.


STEP 1 Open > Albums page on the Dashboard page.

For more see: ★ My dashboards


STEP 2 Select the album you want to add or delete to the beCHANNEL, Click Add to +beCHANNEL or Remove from -beCHANNEL

If you click the circle on the left side of the video thumbnail, "Add to +beCHANNEL" and "Remove from -beCHANNEL" will appear, and when you select the video or album they will be either registered or deleted from the beCHANNEL.



  • When you add a video to the beCHANNEL, the icon appears in blue and you can copy the URL to share.


  • If all videos in the album are deleted, the album will no longer appear on the beCHANNEL.
  • Click the beCHANNEL mark → the icon in the upper right corner after logging in to see your beCHANNEL.
  • For information on setting up a beCHANNEL, see: ★ Set up your beCHANNEL
  • For information on creating an album, see: ★ Create an album
  • For information on sharing albums, see: ★ Share albums
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