Analyze popular videos

You can see the most-watched videos in the rankings report. This feature is only available with the【Personal, Team, and Studio】plan accounts.


STEP 1  Open "Dashboard" and "Analytics" page.

For more, see: ◯ My dashboard

STEP 2  Click the "Report date" panel and select the analysis period.

Click the panel to see the calendar.


STEP 3 Select an item in "▼" in "Top video" to confirm the ranking.

In Top video, you can see the ranking of "Like", "Play time", "Average view time", and "Actual play time".



For more information about your video analytics, see: ◯  See viewing statuses for videos

PC, Tablet / Smartphone


Depending on the plan of your contract, the items you can select will vary.

For more information on how to analyze a video, see the following articles:

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