Stop sharing videos

To make a shared video private, turn the public setting to "Off" or delete the video.

STEP 1  Click "Dashboard"> "My videos" and click the "Setting" on the bottom right of the video thumbnail you want to set.


STEP 2  In the "Setting" tab, click "Off" under "Public" settings.

When you turn off the public setting, even the person who you shared the link with will not be able to play the video.
The video will be removed from the album and from beCHANNEL.
Only the holder (video sharer) can watch the video from the dashboard.
If you want to delete the video from the dashboard, please see: ◯ Delete a video 

PC, Tablet / Smartphone


 STEP 3  Click "Save"

Make sure to click "Save" after you have set the publishing period. If you have not saved the video, the publish period setting will not be available.


 STEP 4  An icon will appear on the video thumbnail.



Unlike other video sites, beSTREAM does not have a video list publishing page.
Even if the sharing settings are turned on, your video will not be automatically released to the world.
There are three ways to share your videos: ○Share a video

If you want to turn off the sharing of your video once it is published, please use the publish settings.


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