How do I set the original URL?

How do I set the original URL?


You can set the original URL for the be channel.


The original URL is a function that allows you to make the xxxx" part of the URL "xxxx" for video publishing the desired word. It is reflected in the private link and the public URL of the beCHANNEL.


You can create your channel using the original term as part of the URL. You can increase your uniqueness by using the original URL.

【Team】 The property is limited to those who have a plan contract.



  • Dashboard > open the Accounts page.
    • The Account Information tab appears.


  • Enter the original word in "the original URL" and click "Confirm".
    • You don't have to enter all of the URL you want.
    • If you can't use the word you want, such as when the word is already in use, you can't set it with this URL. A message appears.


Click Save.




  • You may not use names protected by copyrights or trademarks.
  • Even if you register once, the beSTREAM Secretariat may ask you to change it.
  • For more information★ Terms of Use ★
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