Watch a video

If you do not have a beSTREAM account

Even if you do not have an account, you can still watch videos shared on beSTREAM.

  1. Private link : Click on a shared URL to watch
  2. Embed code :  Watch videos embedded on your website 
  3. beCHANNEL : Go to the "beCHANNEL" and watch

PC, Tablet / Smartphone


If you want to try beSTREAM, select each plan on the Plan page to create a new account.
For more information on creating an account, see: 〇 How to create a new account

If you have a beSTREAM account

The holders (video sharers) can watch videos they upload in the following ways:

STEP 1  Click "Dashboard" and go to each page.

You can choose from the "My videos" page, the "beCHANNEL" page, and the "Album" page.

STEP 2  Click the play button for the video or album you want to play.

The video player opens and the video plays.




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