Free trial of paid plans

Free trial of paid plans


Paid plans (personal, team and studio) offer a 7-day free trial. You can easily start a paid plan and experience all the functions of beSTREAM.

Click "Get Started" on the plan page to start the free trial.



If you don't want to continue with your paid plan


* The sign up date is up to you, and the starting date and time occurs immediately after you sign up.
* You can use it for one month no matter when you start it in the month.
* A new paid plan for customers using the 7-day free trial will start after the period ends.
* The payment date for your beSTREAM plan starts from the first day you sign up, and then occurs on that same day each month.
* It will automatically renew payment every month.
* beSTREAM uses UTC (Coordinated Universal Time).

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