How do I change my email?

If you wish to change the e-mail address you registered when creating a new account, please follow the instructions below:


If you change your email address, you will also receive a confirmation email to your old email address.
If you did not request changing your email address while you receive such email, please contact the beSTREAM Office as shortly as possible using the inquiry form: Contact us


If you create a new account from your Google account, you can't change your email address from the beSTREAM dashboard.

STEP 1  Click "Dashboard" and open the "Account" page.

The "Personal information" tab appears.

PC, Tablet / Smartphone



STEP 2  Click "Change email address" in the red letter of "Email address".

Change email address displayed.


STEP 3  Enter your new email address and click "Send verify email".

A confirmation message appears.



STEP 4  You will receive a final confirmation email at your new email address.

You will receive a "Final confirmation of Email change" email to the new email address you entered.
Click the blue-button "Confirm email address" in the email.


STEP 5  Complete authentication and log in to beSTREAM.

When you click the blue button "Confirm email address" in the email, the screen of "E-mail Verification" will be displayed.
Click on the blue "Go to beSTREAM" to use the service.
After authentication is complete, you can log in with your newly set email address.




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