What is the difference between the free plan and paid plans?

In addition to the standard and basic features available in the free plan, the paid plans offer more features such as privacy protection services, more design options, and a larger number of beCHANNEL settings.

Also, each plan has a different storage capacity.
You can choose a plan according to the usage.


Plan Basic Personal Team Studio
Storage capacity 50GB 1TB 3TB 6TB
Video sharing Standard features Standard features Standard features, dedicated URLs, responsive embed code Standard features, dedicated URLs, responsive embed code
Function Donate link Donate link Donate link, viewers’ email list
Video player design settings Color customization Color customization, logo customization, advanced logo customization
Privacy protection Passcode settings Passcode settings Passcode settings Passcode setting, password setting, publishing period setting, playback number setting, viewers' email list collection
Number of albums created 1 3 10 20


Number of videos displayed
(including albums)

2 5 10 15
Number of videos that can be uploaded at the same time 2 5 10 20

For more information see:  Plan page 


For more information, see: The terms of service


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