Can I change information of my video after sharing it?

After you share a video, you can change the information you set on the "Dashboard" and "My videos" page. However, we do not support changing or replacing the video itself.

When using "Embed Code" to share your video

If you copy an embed code and share the video to your website, you will need to resize it on your website or resume it.
Embed code of beSTREAM can not be used for social media and blog services that do not support HTML code editing.
For more information on how to share videos with embed code, see: ◯ What is an embed code? 

If you want to remove a video you have shared

If you want to remove a video you have shared, delete it or turn the public settings off, then follow these instructions:

  • If you want to delete a video, select the video you want to delete in the "Dashboard" > "My videos" list >  and then click "Delete".
  • If you want to turn off publishing settings, select your video in the "Dashboard" > "My videos" list > and then click "Off" in the "Public" tab.
  • For more information about setting shared videos private, see: ◯ Stop videos sharing 

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