The video does not play.

The video does not play.


Please check the following check items.

  • Check your network environment, such as if you have an Internet connection.
  • Check the supported OS and browser. ★ compatible OS and browser ★
  • For videos with passwords and passcodes, please re-enter them.
    If this is not the case, please check with the holder (video sharer).
  • You may have expired views or exceeded your views limit. Please check with the holder (video sharer).



  • If the video does not play after all the confirmations, please close beSTREAM, delete the browser cache, and then try opening beSTREAM again.
  • "404 NOT FOUND" or "This video has been terminated from sharing" when it is closed or deleted at the will of the holder (video sharer) or the judgment of beSTREAM. "This video has now been stopped from being shared. May be displayed.
  • The beSTREAM Office cannot respond to the public or private disclosure of individual videos.


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