How to create and use a Google account

You can also use your Google account as your beSTREAM account.
By using a Google account, you can save time and effort since it will auto-populate all your information when creating an account.


  • If you used your Google account when creating an account, you must always use it when logging in.
  • If you do not  want to register using a Google account then see: 〇 How to create a beSTREAM account 
  • You can not change the email address and password of your Google account from the beSTREAM dashboard.
  • The default setting for your username is the string before the @ in your email address.
    You can change it at any time.


STEP 1  Select each plan on the plan page and click "Continue with Google".



STEP 2  If you want to create an account for a paid plan, register your payment information and click "Complete payment".

You're sent an approval email with a message that your registration is completed.


STEP 3  Check your authorization email and log in to beSTREAM.



For more information about using your Google account, see Google account Help:


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