Set the number of views

You can limit the views of your video.
This feature is only available with the【Studio】plan accounts.

STEP 1  Click the "Setting" in the bottom right of the video thumbnail you want to set in "Dashboard" and "My videos".


STEP 2  On the "Setting" tab, set the number of views .

The lower limit of the number of times that can be set is from "1", and the upper limit is "999999999".

PC, Tablet / Smartphone


STEP 3 Click "Save".

After confirming the number of views, be sure to click "Save". If you do not save, the number of views setting is not enabled.


  • If you don't set the number of views or can't set it, the video can be watched an unlimited amount of times.
  • If you want to stop sharing your videos, see ◯ Stop videos sharing 
  • For more information on privacy options, see: ◯ Privacy options 
  • The beSTREAM Office does not provide information about the passcode, password, or the holder (video sharer).

When the maximum number of views is reached

If you try to watch a video that has reached the maximum number of views, you will see a message that says, "This shared video has been expired".




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