Report inappropriate videos

Report inappropriate videos

If you find a video in beSTREAM that you think is inappropriate, be sure to contact us using the "Video Report form" from the flag mark in the player of the video.



Uploading or sharing copyrighted videos to others violates beSTREAM guidelines. beSTREAM respects the intellectual property rights of others and requires video creators to take similar actions.


STEP 1 Click the flag mark in the video player.

"Report form about the video" is displayed.


STEP 2 Enter the necessary information and click the "Send" button.



  • If you think it is inappropriate, please enter specific details including the time of the inappropriate incident (e.g. 03:46~).
  • Please refrain from reporting activity that is not inappropriate and within beSTREAM guidelines. You will be subject to account deletion if you continuously falsely report videos. You must agree to the "Declaration of Law" on the reporting form.


  • For beSTREAM's basic policy on inappropriate videos, see: ★ Terms ★ and ★ Copyright Policy
  • For more information on uploading videos, see ★ Video upload guidelines
  • For inquiries to the secretariat, please click here.







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