What is a paid plan?

What is a paid plan?


beSTREAM offers three types of paid plans.

Depending on the plan, the features available will vary. Take advantage of a plan that's right for your needs.

Plan feature




Recommended for sharing with individuals and families.

The storage capacity is 1TB.

In addition to the functions of the Basic plan, you can also add more video registrations and albums to the beCHANNEL.




Recommended for use by video creators and teams.

The storage capacity is 3TB.

In addition to the Personal Plan functions, you have access to color settings and advanced privacy protection settings for video players.




Recommended for companies and large groups.

The storage capacity is 6TB.

In addition to the Team Plan functions, you have access to setting passwords, advanced logos, and email collection. This plan is ideal for marketing.





For more information about each plan see: ★ plan page

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