What is the Basic free plan?

What is the Basic free plan?

We offer a Basic plan that can use beSTREAM for free.

The Basic plan offers free use up to 50GB.

50GB can store videos in 4K quality for about 5 hours, Full HD (1080p) for about 12 hours, and HD (720p) quality for about 18 hours.

But first, please register your beSTREAM account and experience beSTREAM. For more information about how to: ★ How to create a beSTREAM account



If you have not logged in for 12 months after issuing your free Basic Plan account, your account may be deleted without prior notice.



In addition to the standard and basic features available on the free plan, each grade of the paid plan offers a number of features, including privacy protection settings, video player design settings, and beCHANNEL settings. Each plan also has different storage capacity. For more information about: ★ What's the difference between free plans and paid plans? ★ 

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