How do you share beSTREAM videos?

Here are three ways to share videos on beSTREAM.


You can share videos through a private link.

Publish your URL to share your video. You can share videos by sending URLs to friends, family, and team members via social media, WhatsApp, and email.
Click "Copy private link" for each video to copy and use the URL.
Viewers can watch videos online without saving them by simply clicking on the URL.
For more information, see: ◯ What is a private link? 



You can share a video with an embed code.

If you want to share a video on a website page, copy the embed code and paste it into the HTML.
You can click "Copy embed code" to get the iframe code for embedding the video.
You can also set the display size on the website as "specified size (W×H)".
(This service is available with the【Team and Studio】plan accounts.)
For more information, see: ◯ What is an embed code?  
* Embed code of beSTREAM can not be used for social media and blog services that do not support HTML code editing.



Share a video on beCHANNEL

You can combine your favorite videos and share multiple videos and albums as independent "beCHANNELs". The list of albums and videos added to the beCHANNEL is displayed, and the cover photo and social media icon are visible so you can use it as a portfolio.
On the "beCHANNEL" page, you can share it through social media, WhatsApp, or email by clicking "Copy beCHANNEL link".
For more information, see: ◯ What is a beCHANNEL? 



Unlike other video sites, beSTREAM does not have a video list publishing page.
Even if the sharing settings are turned on, your video will not be automatically released to the world.
There are three ways to share your videos.
If you want to turn off the sharing of your video once it is published, please use the publish settings.

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