What is beSTREAM

beSTREAM provides a platform for live streaming and video sharing with an emphasis on privacy, in addition to a large-capacity storage service.
You can use it for various purposes, from personal videos to business and corporate videos.
Please refer to Plan Page for details of the plan.

Live Streaming

Anyone can easily shoot a video and deliver it live in real time.
With the chat feature that allows you to communicate with your viewers, your live broadcast will be even more exciting.

  • A video of casual everyday life
  • Talk live to talk with viewers
  • Corporate webiners and various events
  • Large-scale concerts by artists and musicians

Live streaming is available from the【Pro】plan.

The【Pro】plan offers standard SD quality, and the【Premium】plan allows you to choose between standard SD quality or high quality Full HD quality live streaming.

Video sharing service

beSTREAM values privacy, so even if you share the uploaded video, the video will not be automatically released to the world.
You can use privacy settings such as passcodes before sharing, or public settings to keep videos private.
beSTREAM offers three video sharing methods to suit your needs.

  1. Sharing Link
  2. Embed code
  3. beCHANNEL

Please use beSTREAM in various scenes.

  • Share videos of newborn children with your family
  • Share the situation in kindergarten and nursery school within the class
  • Share records of club activities and club activities among members
  • Publish a video introducing your company on a special website
  • Release PR video of new product

Storage service

beSTREAM provides large-capacity storage for video sharing and live streaming.
If you save the video taken with a smartphone directly to the storage of beSTREAM, you can enjoy the video without reducing the capacity of your device.
beSTREAM offers the free plan up to 50GB and the paid plan up to 6TB.

  1. Free】   :50GB
  2. Basic】       :1TB
  3. Pro】     :3TB
  4. Premium】 :6TB

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