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If you have any questions about using beSTREAM, please refer to the beSTREAM Help Center articles.

In the browser version, click on "Help Center" on the header and footer.


In the app version, tap "Help Center" in the side menu.

Search in the Help Center

Please enter the matter you wish to look up in the search box and related articles will be displayed.
For example, you want to know how to upload a video.→"Upload a video".


Categories within the Help Center

  1. Getting Started
    About beSTREAM, please take a look at our Quick Tour.
  2. Uploading Videos
    About video upload.
  3. Video Sharing
    About video sharing.
  4. My Content
    About "My Content" in the dashboard.
  5. Live streaming
    How to set up live streaming and chat.
  6. beCHANNEL
    About the "beCHANNEL" in the dashboard.
  7. Album
    About "Album" in the dashboard.
  8. Viewing
    How to view videos
  9. Video Player
    About the "Player" in the dashboard.
  10. Analytics
    About "Analytics" in the dashboard.
  11. Account and Payment
    About "Account" in the dashboard.
  12. FAQ
    Frequently asked questions
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