beSTREAM's basic policy

beSTREAM has a zero-tolerance policy that does not tolerate violations of any guidelines or terms.

Respect for intellectual property rights

beSTREAM users are expected to respect the intellectual property and other rights of others. When using or uploading third-party copyrighted material, please be sure to obtain permission from the copyright holder. beSTREAM does not permit the infringement of intellectual property rights of others by using these copyrighted materials without the permission of the copyright holder.

beSTREAM's Response

In the event that infringing activity is properly reported and verified, we may be forced to remove such content in accordance with copyright law, the DMCA, and the beSTREAM Guidelines. In addition, upon discovery of such infringement, we may forcibly suspend, terminate, or delete the account of any user who has committed such infringement.

Intellectual property rights (copyrights, etc.) infringement is found

If you discover copyright infringement within beSTREAM, please be sure to contact us by providing appropriate, complete, and accurate information via the "Reporting form for inappropriate content".

In such cases, you may be asked to provide additional information. Please note that fair use, public domain, and other copyright law exceptions may prevail when notifying us.

For additional information, please see the following page.

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  2. Privacy Policy
  3. Copyright Policy
  4. Cookie Policy
  5. Content Creator Terms

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