About Video Player Customization

beSTREAM's video player can change colors and display your logo.
With a high flexibility of customization, you can create an original video player that matches your corporate or brand colors.

Customized settings can be saved as "Player presets" and applied to each video uploaded by the holder (video sharer).
There is no limit to the number of presets that can be set.


Color customization

You can change the colors used in the video player's control bar, menus, and tools.

Logo customization

You can set a fixed logo to be displayed in the video player and whether or not to display the logo after playback.
You can also customize the playback button and loading icons.
The file format is JPG, PNG, or GIF, and the file size is limited to 20MB.

Preset Settings

Customized settings in the Color customization and Logo customization can be saved as "Player presets".

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