Explanation of Analytics Screen


  1. Reporting period
    You can specify the period you wish to analyze.
  2. Total Views
    You can check the total number of playbacks of the video.
  3. Total Play Time
    You can check the total playback time of the video.
  4. Total Likes
    You can check the total number of likes the video has received.
  5. CSV Export
    You can download the report results as CSV data.
    On the app version, you will need to download a special file viewing app such as Google Spreadsheet or Microsoft Excel in order to view the data.
  6. Geo
    Intuitively see viewing trends by country.
  7. Ranking
    Check the likes, average play time, and total views for each video.
    You will be able to see the ranking of your videos in terms of most popular videos, lowest
    performing videos, etc.
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