Preservation methods

Please make sure that "Archive" is "On" on the "beSTREAM Live Info" screen.

  • "Archive" is set to "On" by default, but please check again before streaming.
  • Please note that it is not possible to switch it on during live streaming.
  • By leaving it set to "On", the live streaming video will be saved in the "Dashboard" > "My Content" > "Video" list page after streaming.




  • After live streaming, the live video will be stored in beSTREAM's storage, so please be careful about the storage capacity.
  • If storage capacity is insufficient, the following message will be displayed.
    Please note that if the required storage capacity is not available within 24 hours, the live video will be moved to the trash and completely deleted after 10 days.
  • To increase your storage capacity, please click "Storage Management" and delete unnecessary videos in My Content.
  • If you need more storage capacity, please consider upgrading your plan as well.
    For more information on storage capacity and other details of each plan, please visit the Plan Page.

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