Sharing methods

You can save your live streaming video to beSTREAM storage after streaming, for easy sharing.


Because of beSTREAM's respect for privacy, sharing your uploaded videos does not automatically make your videos available to the world.
You can set your privacy settings such as passcode before sharing, or use the public settings to keep your videos private.

Be sure to check your storage capacity before storing your video to storage.

beSTREAM allows you to share your live video in three ways.
Please choose your preferred sharing method. beCHANNEL does not support embed codes.

  1. Sharing Link
    You can copy the share URL to share your video from the "Share" icon or the video settings page.
    You can easily share your video by sending the URL via social media, WhatsApp or email.
    Viewers can simply click on the URL and watch the video online without having to save the video.
  2. Embed Code
    You can copy the iframe code to embed the video on your website from the "Share" icon or video settings page.
  3. beCHANNEL
    This is an independent web page where multiple videos can be posted together.
    Paste the beCHANNEL URL into your social media, WhatsApp or email and share it.

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