Embed code is not available

Please note the following three things.

1. First, please make sure that the target site supports the embedding of iframe tags.

If you are using a service that allows you to edit your own code, such as WordPress, and you cannot embed an iframe tag, please check your user permissions.
Also, please check the protocol (http/https) of the address of the page you are loading the iframe tag to.
If the protocol of your page is different from that of the page you are embedding the iframe tag in (the red text), as shown below, the page will not display.

<iframe src="http://sample.com/sampel.html" 〜</iframe
<iframe src="https://sample.com/sampel.html" 〜</iframe

2. beSTREAM's embed code does not support multiple videos.

You cannot embed more than two videos in the same location.
If you wish to embed them together, please create an album and embed that album.

3. beCHANNEL does not support embed code.

beCHANNEL is an independent web page that allows you to post multiple favorite videos or albums together. Since it is treated as multiple videos, embed code is not available.

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