How does re-debiting work?

If for some reason your credit card payment is not completed, your credit card will be debited again at the following times until the payment is completed.

2nd time: 3 days after the first debit → If this fails, your account will freeze immediately.
3rd time: 3 days after the second debit
4th time: 3 days after the third debit → If failed, the account will be changed to the free plan.

If you wish to change your registered credit card information, you can do so from the "Account" page.
Please check with your credit card company if you have any questions.



  • If your card is continually re-drawn and unsuccessful, the video sharing will also be suspended.
  • If your account is frozen, all functions will be suspended except for changing your card information.
  • You will be billed even when your account is suspended.
  • Downgrading due to card payment failure is different from the normal downgrade process and will result in a forced downgrade to a free plan.
    This means that videos exceeding 50GB stored by the holder (video sharer) will be forcibly deleted, and the holder (video sharer) will not be able to select and discard the videos at his/her will. Please understand this in advance.
    Please note that the forcibly deleted videos will be completely deleted in 10 days after they are moved to the trash.
  • For other details, please refer to the Terms and Conditions of Use.

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