Start a Live Stream

STEP 1 On the "Live Streaming" screen, click "Start Live Streaming".

You will not be able to start live streaming until you have completed a test streaming.


STEP 2 Click "Start" on the "Start Live Streaming" pop-up screen.

Click "Not Yet" to return to the previous screen.



beSTREAM prohibits content that violates the Terms and Conditions of Use , Content Creator Terms and streaming that is left unattended for an extended period of time. After a certain amount of time has elapsed, the message "Do you want to continue livestreaming?” will appear. If you wish to continue, click "Continue”. If you do not click it, the live streaming will end automatically.


Screen description during live streaming


  1. Settings screen
    You can change the pre-set live streaming information.
    Be sure to click "Save" after making changes.
    "Minimize" will hide the settings screen, and "Settings" will make the screen appear again.
  2. Delivery time
    You can check the elapsed time of the live stream.
  3. Chat
    • In the browser version, click on "Chat" to open the screen, and "Minimize" to hide it.
    • In the app version, tap the "speech balloon" icon in the lower right corner to open the screen, and you can hide it with the "X" button in the upper right corner.
  4. Camera
    You can turn the camera on and off.
  5. Microphone
    You can mute or un-mute the audio.
  6. Like
    You can see the total number of "Likes" by viewers.
  7. Viewers
    You can see the number of viewers who are watching the stream.
  8. End live streaming
    A message "End Live Streaming" will appear, please select "End" or "Not Yet".
  9. Settings
    You can select which camera to use for live streaming.

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