Set the presets

beSTREAM's video player can change colors and display a logo. Customized settings can be saved as "player presets".

  • Both color change and logo setting will be one preset.
  • It is possible to preset color change or logo change only.
  • There is no limit to the number of presets that can be set.
  • beCHANNEL viewers who have shared your beCHANNEL will also see your customized videos and albums.

STEP 1 Open the "Dashboard" > "Player" page.

In the app version, tap "Side menu" > "Player".

STEP 2 Click "+Add new player".

"New preset" will be added to the pull-down.
The name "New preset" can be changed by clicking "New preset" in the pull-down.


STEP 2-1 Clicking "-Remove current player" will remove the currently selected preset setting.


STEP 3 Change the settings in the "Color customization" tab and the "Logo customization" tab for the area to be customized.

If you change the preset, you can check the preview while setting.

STEP 4 Click "Save".

Be sure to click "Save" after setting.
If you do not save the settings, they will not take effect.

How to apply player presets to videos

STEP 1 On the "Dashboard" > "My Content" > "Video" page, click the "Settings" icon below the video thumbnail to which you want to apply the preset.

In the app version, tap "Home" > "Videos".

STEP 2 Under the "Settings" tab, select the preset from the "Set Customized Player" list of customized player "▼".


STEP 3 Click "Save".

Be sure to click "Save" after making your selection.
If you do not save, the settings will not take effect.

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