Two-step verification code

If you set up two-step verification, you will need to authenticate in two stages when you log in.
Linking it to SMS of the phone number of the smartphone will increase security.

If you cannot receive SMS for any reason, such as when your mobile phone is lost, you can log in using an emergency code (recovery code).

STEP 1  If you cannot receive SMS for any reason, select "Try another method" on the normal 6-digit passcode input screen.

PC, Tablet / Smartphone


STEP 2  Select "Recovery code".


STEP 3  Please log in with the recovery code on the input screen.

You can use a recovery code to authenticate.


The place where the emergency code (recovery code) is used in the login screen of "After completing the setting of two-step verification". If you haven't set up two-step verification, this setting won't be available.

For more information, see: ◯ How do I set up two-step verification?


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