About each folder of video, processing, trash can

The video uploaded to the beSTREAM server will be encoded and placed in the "Processing" folder.
After the encoding process is finished, it will be moved to the "Videos" folder, and the entire upload process will be completed. Depending on the capacity of the video, it may take some time during processing.

PC, Tablet / Smartphone

  • Videos
    • The uploaded video will be displayed in a list.
  • During processing
    • "Processing" displays the video that is being encoded after uploading.
      Once the encoding is complete, the video will be moved to "Videos".
  • Trash cans
    • The videos that you have put in the "Deleted videos" will be displayed. It will be automatically completely deleted 10 days after you put it in the trash.
      When you click the round circle box on the left side of the thumbnail, the menu of "Recover video" and "Delete forever" will be displayed.
      Click "Recover video" to move the selected video to the "Videos" list.
      Click "Delete forever" to immediately delete the selected video.
      * Videos in Deleted videos are also eligible for storage.
      For more information, see: ◯ About each icon on My videos
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