About video settings

If you want to change the settings of the uploaded video, select a video from "My videos" and make various settings.

STEP 1  From "My videos", select "Setting" icon at the bottom right of the thumbnail of the video you want to change the video settings.

PC, Tablet / Smartphone

STEP 2  Perform various video settings

You can set the standard functions such as public settings, passcode settings, copying private links, setting thumbnails, and downloading from the menu at the top.
In the "Information" at the bottom, you can add the shooting date, title, and description.

PC, Tablet / Smartphone


① Resolution, frame rate, playback time

The information in the uploaded video is automatically reflected.

② Public settings

Turn publishing settings on or off for each video.
You can turn off publishing even after you share the URL of the video.
Be sure to click "Save" below to confirm the settings.

③ Passcode settings

If you want to share your video with a specific person, setting a passcode is recommended.
Even if you know the URL of the video, if you do not enter the passcode, the video playback screen will not be displayed.
If you turn on the button, the 4-digit number will be displayed. Viewers will need this passcode to open the video URL you have shared.
If you click "Generate", the 4-digit number will be changed.
If you turn off the button, passcode settings are turned off. Anyone who shares the URL will be available for viewing.

④ Shared URL

"Copy private link"

→ URLs that can be shared by messaging apps are copied.

"Copy embed code"

→ inline frame element (iframe) of the HTML is copied for video sharing.

Paste the published iframe code into the part you want to embed.

➄ Thumbnail

You can upload or delete thumbnail images. ( JPG, PNG,GIF )
If you do not upload a thumbnail, the first image of the video will be automatically set as the thumbnail for videos of less than 5 seconds, and the image after 5 seconds of playback for videos of more than 5 seconds.

⑥ Download

You can download videos. (Computer version only)


Unlike other video sites, beSTREAM does not have a video list publishing page.
Even if the sharing settings are turned on, your video will not be automatically released to the world.
There are three ways to share your videos.
If you want to turn off the sharing of your video once it is published, please use the publish settings.

PC, Tablet / Smartphone

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